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Halftrack M16 2.0

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Halftrack M16 2.0


ElMod M16 is a high integrated all-in-one plug&play electronic solution for the NEW Torro(R) M16 AA Halftrack (delivered with a digital radio equipment). It controls all functions of the vehicle and includes a polyphonic sound unit on board.


  • A Torro(R) M16 AA halftrack. WARNING! This product is NOT compatible with the old analog Torro vehicle!
  • A four channel RC radio and receiver
  • An appropriate high current-compliant battery (6- to 9-cells NiCd, NiMh or a 2S/3S LiPo with an own undervoltage protection)

Scope of delivery

  • Electronic board with all necessary cables
  • Cable for optional attachment to the front light
  • ElMod USB dongle: a connection cable for a Windows® or Apple® computer for customization of all parameters of the vehicle


All key features at a glance:

  • A strong and overload protected main motor driver (up to 5 Amps).
  • ElMod Physics Engine 2:
    • a driving experience of commanding a heavy vehicle by simulation of mass inert.
    • the maximum speed according to in scale speed of the 1:1 vehicle.
    • two phase acceleration simulates the function of a gearbox: the drag decreases on higher speed.
    • short rest after stopping simulates gear switching.
    • three brake modes: engine brake with a long runout, full proportional brake, emergency brake.
  • full proportional control of turret rotation.
  • full proportional lifting and lowering of the AA guns.
  • muzzle flash
  • switchable front and rear light
  • rear light also integrates brake light
  • full configurable, sophisticated polyphonic sound unit:
    • Five channels for the simultaneous output of sounds.
    • Open file format: wav, 8 bit, 22kHz sampling rate, mono, PCM.
    • Three additional samples which can be defined by the user.
    • Speed dependent engine sound.
    • Up to seven samples for the turret rotation depending on the turret speed.
    • Alternative sounds for turret rotation when motor is switched off (operation by hand / emergency operation)
    • Distinction between cold and warm start.
    • Random selection of up to ten clips for switching engine on / off.
    • Sound for canon movement.
    • Shot sound.
    • Direct connection to an 8 Ohm speaker.
  • configurable drive parameters via PC and USB with the included ElMod USB dongle
  • Connection to a common RC-set which allows full proportional drive control. No further mixers or ESCs are necessary.
  • Simple installation: all connectors of the Torro(R) vehicle fits to the ThinkTank M16 unit. Only two wires to the speaker has to be soldered.

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