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Halftrack M16 new Version

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Halftrack M16 new Version

Available in October 2019!


ElMod M16 is a high integrated all-in-one plug&play electronic solution for the NEW VERSION of Torro(R) M16 AA Halftrack (delivered with a digital 2,4 GHz radio). It controls all functions of the vehicle and includes a polyphonic sound unit on board.


  • A Torro(R) M16 AA halftrack. WARNING! This product is NOT compatible with the OLD Torro vehicle (delivered with an analogue radio equipment)!
  • A four channel RC radio and receiver
  • An appropriate high current-compliant battery (6- oder 7-cells NiCd, NiMh or a 2S LiPo)

Scope of delivery

  • Electronic board with all necessary cables
  • ElMod Configurator: a connection cable for a Windows® or Apple® computer for customization of all parameters of the vehicle


All key features at a glance:

  • A strong and overload protected main motor driver (up to 5 Amps).
  • ElMod Physics Engine 2:
    • a driving experience of commanding a heavy vehicle by simulation of mass inert.
    • the maximum speed according to in scale speed of the 1:1 vehicle.
    • two phase acceleration simulates the function of a gearbox: the drag decreases on higher speed.
    • short rest after stopping simulates gear switching.
    • three brake modes: engine brake with a long runout, full proportional brake, emergency brake.
  • full proportional control of turret rotation.
  • full proportional lifting and lowering of the AA guns.
  • muzzle flash
  • switchable front and rear light. Front light control only after optional soldering work.
  • rear light also integrates brake light
  • full configurable, sophisticated polyphonic sound unit:
    • Five channels for the simultaneous output of sounds.
    • Open file format: wav, 8 bit, 22kHz sampling rate, mono, PCM.
    • Three additional samples which can be defined by the user.
    • Speed dependent engine sound.
    • Up to seven samples for the turret rotation depending on the turret speed.
    • Alternative sounds for turret rotation when motor is switched off (operation by hand / emergency operation)
    • Distinction between cold and warm start.
    • Random selection of up to ten clips for switching engine on / off.
    • Sound for canon movement.
    • Shot sound.
    • Direct connection to an 8 Ohm speaker.
  • configurable drive parameters via PC and USB with the included ElMod Configurator
  • Connection to a common RC-set which allows full proportional drive control. No further mixers or ESCs are necessary.
  • Simple installation: all connectors of the Torro(R) vehicle fits to the ThinkTank M16 unit. Only two wires to the speaker has to be soldered.

This product will be in stock on Tuesday 01 October, 2019.

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