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LED Flash Booster

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LED Flash Booster


The LED Flash Booster is an add-on board for the ElMod Fusion ECO/PRO central unit. It is designed to drive ultra bright, white LEDs as muzzle flash in case that this LED wasn't bright enough when connected directly to the ElMod Fusion ECO/PRO central unit.

This board is simply plugged to the flash connector (connector 2 on the ElMod Fusion ECO/PRO) on the one side and to the LED on the other side. No additional configuration is necessary.

Additionally, the board includes an LED that flashes parallely to the muzzle flash LED to provide a function feedback.


An ElMod Fusion ECO/PRO and an ultra bright LED (for example a 5mm, white type).

Scope of delivery

  • ready to use board
  • 12 cm cable with a standard connector for the attachment of the LED

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