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Fusion Marine

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Fusion Marine


The Fusion Marine provides the control of all functions of your small to middle size vessel. It supports one to two propellers and a ruder servo. It provides five light channels, wide sound functions and the control of two additional servos for the positioning of an optional search light.


A vessel and a common RC-radio and receiver with two to six channels.

Scope of Delivery

  • ready to use electronic board
  • power supply cables
  • two connecting plugs for the drive motors
  • all necessary cables for the RC receiver
  • rotary knob for volume control and connecting cable for loudspeaker
  • housings and contancs for individual assembly of cables for all light outputs
  • USB cable for connecting with a Windows® or Mac® computer



  • two 10A strong propeller motor drivers (up to 30 Amps peak each motor), short circuit and overload protected
  • optional connection of up to two external drivers for alternative motor types (for example brushless motors)


  • steering via ruder servo with configurable movement limit and optional speed dependent deflection
  • configurable ruder support by the propellers
  • configurable turn on the spot by propellers turning in opposite direction


  • all light channels are short circuit protected. The LEDs can't be damaged by false polarity
  • no further wiring or additional resistors are necessary
  • alle light outputs are dimmable by 100 steps and may be switched on and off with the radio
  • five light outputs for one to four LEDs are available:
    • position light (4x LEDs)
    • light "disabled and adrift" (3x LEDs)
    • anchor light (1x LED)
    • auxiliary light (1x LED). May be configured for single or double flash with adjustable blink frequency
    • search light (1x LED)

Sound generation

  • Support of all ElMod sample sets and the ElMod NextGen Sound Technology for particularly prototypical sound playing*.
  • integrated sound unit plays several different sounds simultaneously.
  • Sound types:
    • several motor start sounds with distinction between coldstart and warmstart, several engine off sounds
    • up to eight sounds that can be freely triggered by the user, like a horn or anchor casting
    • plain text announcement if battery voltage is too high/low
  • separate volume control of every sound type (for example the engine noise) and extensive configuration of the sound parameters
  • adjustment of the entire volume by the provided rotary knob
  • adjustment of the volume by a slide/knob on the radio
  • all sample sets are provided on a microSD card. They can be activated by an application on your computer.
  • integrated digital audio amplifier for the connection of a 8 Ohm loudspeaker
  • *it depends on the sound set which types of sounds are available!


  • connection of up to three servos
    • ruder
    • horizontal positioning of the search light
    • vertical positioning of the search light
  • max. 1,5 A constant current consumption for the servos (cumulated)

Radio control

  • control with a common RC gear (radio and receiver, 40 MHz or 2.4 GHz) with at least two channels (propulsion and ruder). Five channels are necessary for the control of all options (two sticks, one 3-way switch or knob/slider)
  • one channel for optional remote volume control (knob or slider)
  • the receiver does not need an additional battery. 5V BEC are supplied.


  • large configuration possibilities on a Windows® or Mac® computer. An USB cable is provided.
  • Parameterization, status information and control of all vessel functions.
  • individual vessel profiles may be created and saved
  • operation with Pb-, NiCd-, NiMh- or LiPo-Batteries with a voltage between 6.0 V and 12 V.
  • under voltage shut down for protection against deep discharge. Overvoltage shut-down.
  • overvoltage shut-down.
  • integrated 30 A mini fuse for the drive protection.
  • compact size: 77mm x 55mm(3,0"x2,2").

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