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Fusion Smoker Board

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Fusion Smoker Board


The Fusion Smoker Board provides the capability of using a smoker generator with separate terminals for heater and fan with an ElMod Fusion PRO or Elmod Fusion ECO central unit.

Smoke generators which provides a single terminal for the heater and fan may be attached to the ElMod central unit directly. In this case this board is of no use!

In the delivery condition the board may drive a smoke generator which consumes a maximum current of 0,7 Ampere (heater and fan together). With a simple wiring alternative a smoke generator with current consumption of 2,5 Ampere for the heater and 2,5 Ampere for the fan may be used.


A vehilce equipped with a supported type of ElMod central unit (ElMod Fusion ECO or ElMod Fusion PRO) and a suitable smoke generator with separate terminals for heater and fan (or pump).

Scope of delivery

  • ready to use board
  • a piece of shrink tube
  • 15 cm of insulated wire for high power smoke generators


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