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Fusion Smoker Board

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Delivery time 3-4 days (within Germany).

Fusion Smoker Board


The Fusion Smoker Board provides the capability of using a smoker generator with separate terminals for heater and fan with an ElMod Fusion ECO/PRO Rev. A-E. The current ElMod Fusion ECO/PRO Rev. F doesn't require this board!

Smoke generators which provides a single terminal for the heater and fan may be attached to the ElMod Fusion ECO/PRO Rev. A-E central unit directly. In this case this board is also not necessary!

In the delivery condition the board may drive a smoke generator which consumes a maximum current of 0,7 Ampere (heater and fan together). With a simple wiring alternative a smoke generator with current consumption of 2,5 Ampere for the heater and 2,5 Ampere for the fan may be used.


A vehilce equipped with a supported type of ElMod central unit (ElMod Fusion ECO/PRO Rev. A-E) and a suitable smoke generator with separate terminals for heater and fan (or pump).

Scope of delivery

  • ready to use board
  • a piece of shrink tube
  • 15 cm of insulated wire for high power smoke generators

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