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Our all-in-one electronic modules for radio controlled vehicles are addressed to model builders with the highest demands for scale function and flexibility. All products are engineered by ElMod and they are Made in Germany.


30.09.2019 The ElModApp for Android is available in the Google Play Store.
24.09.2019 Firmware 2.01c is available. For details see here.
26.08.2019 ElModApp for Android 0.12 has been released. Two bugs related to the vehicle control fixed.
04.04.2019 A new sound set of a JS2 tank made by madmike69.
08.03.2019 The LED Flash Booster is available for easy use of extra bright white LEDs as muzzle flash
21.02.2019 Extension cable/adapter for HL 4th gen turrets is available in the shop.
15.01.2019 A nice housing for the Fusion ECO/PRO modules are offered by james1794 on shapeways.com.
28.12.2018 A short demo video showing possible weapon control on AA-guns
05.12.2018 Seven new great sound sets made by madmike69: Jagdpanther, StuGIII, T-90, Leopard 2, Panther, Bovington Tiger, Samur TigerII.
01.01.2017 Don't forget our knowledge base! You'll find many in depth informations there

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