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Our all-in-one electronic modules for radio controlled vehicles are addressed to model builders with the highest demands for scale function and flexibility. All products are engineered by ElMod and they are Made in Germany.


18.02.2018 New version of the ElModApp for Android released (Ver.0.09). Support for Android 7.x Nougat
12.12.2017 Sounds for Panzer III and T-90A have been released
02.12.2017 Firmware 2.00f have been released. See here. Also available for Fusion Puma!
16.10.2017 32-bit version of the ElModApp for Windows is available, parallely to the 64-bit version
02.09.2017 ElMod Fusion PRO and Fusion ECO Rev.F and firmware 2.00 have been released. See here
01.01.2017 Don't forget our knowledge base! You'll find many in depth informations there

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