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Our all-in-one electronic modules for radio controlled vehicles are addressed to model builders with the highest demands for scale function and flexibility. All products are engineered by ElMod and they are Made in Germany.


18.07.2017 We bin our new Austrian distributor welcome in our team!
04.05.2017 The ElModApp for Android is free for testing! It's a very early beta, so be warned :)
01.05.2017 New firmware for ElMod Fusion ECO/PRO: Version 1.09d. Changes see change log
11.04.2017 ElMod Blinker for Fusion PRO introduced. Blinker and emergency light add on board for the ElMod Fusion PRO
11.04.2017 ElMod Bluetooth introduced. Configuration and vehicle control with Bluetooth instead of USB
20.03.2017 ElModApp, the successor of the ElMod Configurator is available for Windows and MacOS. Test it and get it in the download area
01.01.2017 Don't forget our knowledge base! You'll find many in depth informations there

We are in holidays from 31th July up to 21th August!

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